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Starting problems !!!

Engine won’t start…. 1st- check to make sure engine is in neutral.   2nd- check battery for at least 12 volts.   3rd- using a jumper wire, jump from battery cable on engine to starter… this will tell you if starter is good.   If starter is good, then you have a bad solenoid or a bad key switch 99% of the time.   The other 1%, broken wire.   Number 4- turn key switch to on and hold. check solenoid for power to the small wire. check this with a test light. If u have power, then key switch is bad or a broken wire.  Number 5- Remove key switch and test for power going in and out, if u have good power in and out you have a broken wire.  You wont find a broken wire because it is probably  in a main wire harness.  Just run a new wire, don’t buy a 200 dollar harness. quick & cheep fix 20 bucks.